Thrasher x Baker

2022 has given us some epic collaborative drops featuring legendary skate magazine, Thrasher.


One of the most iconic drops of this year include the Thrasher x HUF collection. Two of skateboard’s G.O.A.Ts joined forces to celebrate their 20 year and 40 years anniversary and their legacy with a commemorative drop featuring special collaborating logo patches and prints. Another super special drop from this year is the Thrasher and Parra collaborative collection. Piet Parra has collaborated with Thrasher in the past. The collection features Piet Parra’s artworks with a skate twist and also features his signature “knock off” Thrasher logo where he purposely misspells the logo, a nod to all the Thrasher bootleg out there.

The most recent Thrasher collaborative drop to hit the racks at Capsul is the Thrasher x Baker Skateboard collection.


Baker Skateboards is an American skateboard company that was started by pro skater Andrew Reynolds, back in 2000. Before starting his own brand, Reynolds was part of legendary skater Tony Hawk’s skate team- Birdhouse. Baker skateboards was signed under Blitz distribution before Andrew Reynolds started his own skateboard distribution company, Bakerboys Distribution.

Baker is currently one of the most popular skateboards out there. The Thrasher x Baker collection at Capsul includes a hoodie and t- shirt featuring a print that says Thrasher Magazine on the front in Baker’s signature style that resembles a cut out letter collage. Cop the Thrasher x Baker tee and hoodie at the Capsul Bangalore store and on

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