At Capsul we curate a select range of products designed by culturally rich brands founded by thought leaders & story-tellers. We encourage slow fashion - It's about buying pieces that are an expression of your personality & repeatedly wearing 'em, making 'em feel like second skin over time.

Capsul brings you products that are conversation starters. Established in 2018 by Meenakshi & Bhavisha, it is India's first multibrand streetwear store. Millennials & Gen Z in India consume fashion, art & culture at the same pace as their global counterparts; and are hyperaware of brands that bring cool to any party.

And Capsul brings these brands to Indian shores.

About Meenakshi:

“PUMA has been instrumental in making my aesthetic journey come full circle. Things started off when I was a kid, watching MTV and Indie-pop that gave me a taste of that ‘Cross Colours’ type style. 

Next came design school which exposed me to the nuances of design, fashion, brands and retail. I spent 4 years as the Creative Head at PUMA India followed by a 3 year stint with the EEMEA regional team – getting inspired by not just European street culture but also emerging progressive cultures in Africa, Middle East and India. Being in Europe and working closely with the global teams, especially PUMA Select, shifted my design paradigm.

India to me is a juxtaposition of ancient roots and modernity and I’m back in India to help explore ‘India cool’ - a connection to cultural roots, inspired by streetwear stories & packaging, made relevant to a global audience. “ - Meenakshi

About Bhavisha:

“I’ve worked with PUMA for close to 8 years; first in India and then with teams in Russia, Turkey & Ukraine. My introduction to street culture began in 1994, quite unconsciously, got amplified in 2013 and exploded in 2015, when I had an opportunity to work with my team on a Russian collab for the Suede.

My initiation into street culture crossed paths with my desire to work with the the emerging street culture scene in India and brought me back home to start Capsul - a streetwear shop and a culture consultancy."