HUF and Haroshi

2022 marked the 20th anniversary of HUF.

The year was commemorated with a number of special drops and collaborations in celebration of the milestone year. Some of the memorable drops included the 20 years Anniversary Champions ring, the SF Hydrant Necklace, Huf x Cult BMX Bike. HUF also collaborated with another iconic skate brand from home turf San Francisco, Thrasher Magazine. The drop celebrated the legacy of these brands, the GOATs.

These drops were also an homage to the founder of HUF, the late Keith Hufnagel and referenced various points in the brand’s colourful history.

Another such drop was the HUF Hiroshi Jigsaw Puzzle.


The Huf Haroshi Jigsaw puzzle is inspired by the larger than life size sculpture that once welcomed you at the entrance of the HUF LA flagship store. Haroshi is a Japanese artist known and celebrated for creating sculptures using recycled skate decks. This one particular sculpture was in the shape of a giant middle finger. It was a tribute to renowned pro skater, the late Dylan Rieder.


During the LA Riots of 2020, the Sculpture was destroyed by rioters, breaking off the middle finger. The damage serendipitously turned he middle finger into a raised fist. The iconic sculpture can be recreated in its whole using the HUF Haroshi Jigsaw Puzzle.


This Puzzle not only represents the above mentioned sculpture. The 269 piece puzzle also celebrates the close friendship that Hiroshi shared with Keith Hufnagel.


This HUF Hiroshi Jigsaw puzzle is available at the Capsul Bangalore store and on

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