The Hundreds x Van Gogh Museum

The Hundreds is known for creating wearable artwork. And we’re not just talking about their well crafted t shirts, hoodies and accessories. When it comes to graphic tees, no one does it like The Hundreds. Their graphics tell a story, drawing inspiration from their hometown LA, childhood nostalgia, while representing the culture and community around which The Hundreds was built.


Apart from that The Hundreds regularly collaborate with iconic artists, both modern and classic, and pay homage to them through their collection. 

The list of artists The Hundreds has collaborated with is a long one.They include the likes of Blue The Great, Jess Chen and Joshua Vides to name a few. 

The Hundreds has paid tribute to some of the greatest names in art history like Pablo Picasso, Monet, Henry Toulouse and Andy Warhol, by reimagining their beloved Adam Bomb logo in each of these artist’ signature style. In a way The Hundreds is educating the youth and keeping the work of the great alive in the most natural way. 


Their latest artist collaboration honours one of the greatest Post- Impressionist artists of all times- Vincent Van Gogh. 

Van Gogh created over 2000 paintings in the span of a decade. His works are some of the most well known paintings in the world; Starry Night, Almond Blossom and Sunflower, displayed in art museums like  The Van Gogh Museum, Museum of Modern Art New York and Musee D’Orsay in Paris.


The Hundreds has joined forces with the Van Gogh Museum to bring to life some of Van Gogh’s famous paintings through this capsule collection. 

The collection features artworks like “Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette” and “Self Portrait with Grey Felt Hat”.


Some of the stand out pieces in this collection includes the Van Gogh Skeleton M65 Jacket, a cotton twill jacket in a muddy colour featuring Van Gogh’s Skull of a Skeleton painting printed on the back and written notes and sketches by Van Gogh on the sleeves. Another stand out piece is the Frame Hoodie, a lilac coloured fleece lined hoodie, featuring Van Gogh’s  Vase with Asters and Phlox painting on the back. 


The collection also includes t-shirts with Van Gogh’s artworks printed on the front, Snapback hats and a pair of Cargo pants. All the pieces in this collection come with The Hundreds branding and logo along with the Van Gogh Museum labels sewed on to them. 

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