Gifting Guide: Raksha Bandhan Edition

Rakhi but make it Street. The Rastaclat bracelets apart from being cool, easy to style accessories also represents ideas of positive mental attitude, doing good, seeking and spreading the positive vibes. What makes Rastaclat such a cool gift is how easy it is to pull off as part of one's everyday style. With Raksha Bandhan and many long weekends just around the corner, the reasons to celebrate are in abundance. 

The sibling bond is a two way street. Here’s our favourite picks for the hypebaes who have been your earliest besties, confidant, nemesis and the source of many childhood adventures.

This month's gifting guide includes sick new drip and cool accessories from iconic streetwear brands like HUF Worldwide, Pleasures, Market, The Hundreds and more. 

Rakshabandhan gifting ideas for her;

  • Gigai Capsule Bag:
  • Sleek and functional- the Gigai Capsule bag makes for more than just a fun accessory. Big enough to hold your everyday essentials, small enough to be subtle and elegant. 

    Available here:


  • HUF Billiards Woven Top:
  • A retro inspired button shirt, the Billiard shirt is part of the HUF Women’s exclusive collection. Made of a flowy Rayon material, this shirt gives the right amount of comfort and flowy grace, while the billiard balls print adds a classic and fun element. 

    Pro tip- coordinate outfits and recreate them childhood pics by getting yourself the HUF Dirty Pool Triple Triangle Tees.

    Available here:


  • Pleasures x Akila Method Sunglasses:
  • When it comes to accessorising Sunglasses are the King. With most people it's part of their daily essentials  and extension of self , you wouldn't even consider it accessorising. And these Method sunglasses are fashionable and eco- conscious. Each pair is hand made with Bio- acetate to ensure quality and precision.

    Available  here:


  • Carhartt Static Incense Chamber:
  • The Carhartt ceramic incense burner perfectly integrates streetwear into lifestyle and home decor. The ceramic chamber is modeled after a retro TV. Burning incense has never looked this cool.

    Available here:


  • Gigai Mini Hoops:
  • When in doubt buy jewelry! Geometric expression using nature’s organic form with a hint of fantasy is what Gigai is all about. The Gigai Mini hoops are handcrafted  made of stainless steel and 18k gold. They come in three styles- Bond Mini Hoop, Circuit Mini Hoop and Screw Mini Hoops. 

    Available here:


  • MARKET Smiley Shaggy Plush Basketball:
  • Everyone loves a cuddle buddy! As the box says- it’s a basketball that loves you back. Know someone who loves basketball? The Smiley Shaggy Plush Basketball makes for a great pillow, a support for one’s head like the shoulder of a close friend. Or just something to bring a smile to the face. How can you not smile back at something that’s always smiling? This Plush BBall is yet another cool collectible from a collection of unique basketballs dropped by Market in collaboration with Smiley.

    Available here:


    Here’s a compilation of our top picks that would make a unique gift for that streetwear lover and hypebeast that you call bro, literally!

    Rakshabandhan gifting ideas for him;

  • Billionaire Boys Club I Know Nigo Tee:
  • This tee screams collectible. A treasure for hypebeasts, music and fashion enthusiasts. This tee was released  in collaboration with Pharell Wiliiam’s Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) celebrating NIGO’s album drop that featured Hip Hop stars like A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert and more. You might be familiar with NIGO as the founder of streetwear brands BAPE and Human Made. Nigo and Pharell Williams' friendship is iconic. 

    This tee is the perfect gift for your best friend/ partner in crime/ brother from another mother/ brother from the same mother even.

    Available here:


  • Rastaclat Bracelet:
  • The Rastaclat bracelets can serve multiple purposes here. Get them as Rakhis and friendship bands. Rastaclat bracelets come in various styles- braided, knotted and printed, for men and women, in vibrant and muted colours. 

    Some of the standout pieces include the Rastaclat Indigo, Vapor, Schmin and Seek The Positive in Pale Mauve.

    Available here:


  • HUF OG Slides:

    Whether you are summering in Europe or braving the Indian Monsoon the HUF OG Slides works perfectly whatever the occasion. From poolside to curbside, these babies provide you with the right amount of comfort and flex. They are simple yet make a statement.  

    Available here:


  • Almost Gods Galilee Mosaic Shirt:

    This is a perfect pick for that conscious hypebeast. The colours and mosaic print is giving opulence. The cotton twill of this shirt is organic, compostable and recyclable. Almost Gods’ standout pieces make a bold statement yet have a classic feel about them, making them pieces that can be worn for a long time while still looking cool and their use of organic fabrics is their first steps towards sustainable production. 

    Available here:


  • HUF Green Buddy Deck:
  • A great gift for your concrete surfer buddy. The HUF Green Buddy deck is treated with Everslick for faster slides and extra durability. Hard to miss the sick print on the deck- featuring HUF’s Green Buddy chilling on the beach 

     Available here:


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