Just one wasn’t enough. We’re back with a second round of the PLEASURES x Playboy drop. 

The LA based streetwear brand joined forces with the iconic publication last year for an epic drop of graphic tees, hoodies, pants and more. 

It only got better with round two. 

What makes this collaboration great is the bold, out of the box, risque yet thought provoking vibe both PLEASURES and Playboy bring. 

The Playboy bunny has been a symbol of the sexual Revolution and has become an intrinsic part of pop culture, over the years featuring iconic actors and musicians on their cover.

The second drop from  Playboy x PLEASURES  features button down shirts, slippers, sunglasses along with t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts.

One of the standout pieces in the collection is the Tasty Button Up Shirt which features a vibrant print all over.

Another standout piece in the collections include the Liberation and Mason sunglasses.

The PLEASURES x Playboy collection is available at the Capsul Store, Bangalore. Head down to check out the whole collection or drop us a DM and we will share what's in stock.

Explore the Collection here.

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