Pleasures x N.E.R.D

Pleasures, known for bringing the world of music and fashion closer one collaboration after another, recently joined forces with the prodigious hiphop /rock band N.E.R.D for a drop that is nothing short of iconic. 

N.E.R.D, a backronym No one Ever Really Dies for,  was started by Pharell Williams, Chad Hugo a.k.a The Neptunes, and Shay Haley in 1999. The Neptunes had been around for a few years producing music for the likes of Kelis, Jay- Z, and Britney Spears. N.E.RD is known for creating alternative music, blending hip hop, R&B and funk sounds with rock, creating music that catered to creatives and a generation of youth with hyphenated interests, that enjoyed multiple interests and straddled between cultures, identities and forms of expression.

Their debut album “ In Search Of…” , was met with criticism and doubt, ended up selling over 600,000 albums in the US and was certified Gold, is a cult favourite. Their following albums “Fly Or Die”, “Seeing Sound” and “No one Ever Really Dies” all went on to equal if not more success. Safe to say N.E.R.D had a cult-like following and had cemented their place in music history.

What makes these two names coming together so special is the fact that both Pleasures and N.E.R.D are all about creating something for those that exist outside of clean lines and refuse to be put in a box. 

The Pleasures x N.E.RD  drop on Capsul features graphic t- shirts with collaborative branding and graphics referencing tracks and album covers by N.E.R.D. 

The Provider Tee is a nod to the band’s track of the same name. Similarly the Rockstar tee is a reference to the track Rockstar released in 2001. This tee features a star print on the front and the N.E.RD band logo , a brain on a lightbulb, printed on the back.

The Pleasures x N.E.RD  t- shirts are available on and at the Capsul stores in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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