The Capsul Store, Mumbai!

Capsul’s second store in Mumbai was voted as one of the best new stores in India to open in 2023 and we’re nothing short of thrilled.

The Capsul store in Mumbai is located in Branda in a quaint and vibrant neighborhood that is the hotspot for all things culture.Cosily nestled between Veronica’s and VegNonVeg, the location adds to the spirit of everything Capsul embodies. 


With a minimal clean black facade serving as an entryway to streetwear Narnia, the store serves as a place where culture, community and fashion comes together for a well thought out curated experience inside an industrial Brooklyn- warehouse- esque space. 

What’s in store, you ask? 

Capsul, is India’s first multi brand streetwear store housing brands from the US, Australia, South Korea alongside homegrown brands. If you’ve come looking for head turners and conversation starters, you’re in the right place. 


Hanging on our racks are clothing from 200 year old heritage brands like Carhartt, to fresh drip from thisisneverthat which is just “Seoul” satisfying, to beautifully crafted contemporary fits homegrown fashion hotsteppers like Jaywalking, Almost Gods and Space Biskit. 


The vibey interior is also home to an array of accessories, home decor pieces and collectibles that are just too delicious. Rugs from Ripndip, ashtrays from Pleasures and Ripnrepair, collectible Smiley basketballs from Market, Jigsaws inspired by famous sculptor Haroshi, Be@rbricks, plus a few store exclusive treats ( you’ll just have to visit to find out) is what’s waiting for you inside.

Safe to say Capsul is not just your average streetwear corner shop.

If you haven’t visited us or as GQ India likes to call us- one of “ India's best new stores of 2023” drop by!

We’re open Monday to Sunday, 11 am - 9pm.

Find us here : Location: 3/4/5 Topaz Apartments

Waroda Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050

Call us: 7204081811

See you there !

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