Indvlst - (in·di·vid·u·al·ist)

Streetwear has been the buzzword for a while now. The transition from skate-parks to mainstreet fashion has had us being baffled by it, loving it and sometimes even hating it (especially when we can’t cop). But there is no ignoring its grip on the fashion industry. From limited collabs to secret drops, streetwear has us all waiting and watching and wanting. 

And just when you started questioning “what’s next for streetwear?”, Emiliano Dacayanan, a.k.a. Tek goes and switches up the game. Tek, a design specialist for Ink Lab mfg- a screen printing and design house based in LA, that has worked with Chinatown Market, Champion and Carrots, has now launched his own label - INDVLST LAB. 

Complete with a blank garment, bottles of ink and a Screen (yes you read that right) with pre-designed graphics of  his Volume One collection, INDVLST LAB is not just leveling up the game, it is reshaping the whole designer - consumer relationship. INDVLST LAB puts the consumer in the driver's seat, giving you the opportunity to experiment with colours and prints to give you the ultimate experience in customization. According to the label’s Instagram handle, the collection is dedicated to “the kid who has limited resources in the middle of nowhere that has the urge to be creative in the fashion department. The T-shirt is where it starts, this is a tool to your journey. I pre-designed the frame for you to design your own Volume One.” Talk about expression of individuality. 

We at Capsul, are just as excited about the creator and the process of creation and The INDVLST LAB Volume 1 KIT : 36 CHAMBERS NEON, inspired by 1970s martial artists, is now available on  for you to own. 


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