Staple Pigeon - Summer Staples

From a tshirt made in a Silkscreen class at Parsons to becoming an icon that encapsulates the spirit of New York, saying Staple Pigeon has come a long way would be an understatement.  

A juggernaut in the streetwear game, Staple Pigeon, founded by Jeff Staple, or as he prefers to go by - jeffstaples,  has come to mean more than just a clothing brand. When we see the Pigeon, the words “Let's get this bread” comes to mind. Staple Pigeon has been representing the pulse of the concrete jungle with its hustlers and go getters for over 20 years.

Staple Pigeon blew up even further when Nike approached jeffstaple in 2005, to design a commemorative sneaker that would represent NYC. The Staple Pigeon Dunk SB was born and from there it was only getting bigger and better.

Jeff Staple is constantly cited as the ideal left- right brained, his love for graphics and design balanced with his entrepreneurial skills. He is as involved in the creative process as he is in building an empire, and it shows through what he makes.

Staple Pigeon is just what you need to take an everyday outfit up a few notches. “Street-minded sensibilities with mature sophisticated nods to high-end fashion”. The Staple Pigeon Summer 19 is no different. Bright colours, interesting graphics, texts, embroidered details and a whole lotta cool.

Colour blocks and repeated prints featuring the pigeon make an appearance as well.  The Staple Summer 19 collection offers t-shirts, shorts and caps all available on

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