This Is Not a T-shirt - Audiobook listening session:

ICYMI or living under a rock, Bobby Hundreds, one of the founders of The Hundreds, released his first book “This Is Not A T- Shirt”. It was everything we hoped it would be and more! As Bobby calls it “its a failure story”,This Is Not A T-Shirt doesn’t just talk about the blood sweat and years behind building a business but also shines a bright light what streetwear is all about, in Bobby’s signature narrative style.

Streetwear has always been about growing and nurturing a community, a way of bringing people together. So we felt it was only apt that we share this with our friends and community.

Cracked open a few cans, passed around some home made dips and chips, and we hit play on the audio book for This is Not A T-Shirt.  Safe to say everyone was hooked on to every word being spoken as Bobby Hundreds’ voice washed over us.

At the the end of the listening session, every person/ most people in the room realised that, we all related to the book in some way or the other. We have all been there or thought that!

This Is Not a T-shirt isn’t something that is just for an entrepreneur or for streetwear enthusiasts. It speaks to the artists, the creators, or anyone who is a dreamer who has thought of building something they call their own and sharing it with the world. Like the title of the book says “ This Is Not A T-shirt”, its more than that. It’s about a community and a culture.

You can get your own copy of This Is Not A T- Shirt on

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