HUF X Street Fighter

HUF Worldwide, started by the late Keith Hufnagel, has been a crucial player in bridging the gap between sneakers, streetwear and skate. Keith Hufnagel started HUF in 2002. What started off as a cool store to cop rare sneakers and skateboards curated and brought down by Keith from his travels, has now blown up into a global premium skate lifestyle brand name selling their own t-shirts, hoodies, skate decks, socks caps and more.

HUF has collaborated with names all across the board making it relatable to people outside streetwear and skateboarding. From household names like Budweiser, Trojan and Popeye to pop culture classics like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and South Park to artists like NY based graffiti artist Eric Haze and Yoon Hyup.  

Their latest collaboration taps into the world of gaming to bring back major nostalgia from the 80s. Think of trips to the arcade and choosing between Chun Li, Ryu, Blanka among others. Yes, we’re talking about Street Fighter.

Gaming is as big as it has ever been. With the rise in popularity of games like Call of Duty, Subway Surfer, PUB G, DOTA, NBA Live and FIFA, gaming has grown beyond the screen with Gaming companies expanding into merchandise. Gaming tournaments like League of Legends Championship series, DOTA, PUBG, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, with winning worth Millions of Dollars has developed a dedicated serious following among gamers young and old from all across the globe.

The HUF x Street Fighter collection highlights iconic characters from the game across a range of graphic t-shirts, shirts, accessories, skate decks and socks.

Some of the top picks from this drop includes graphic t-shirts featuring characters like RYU, Blanka and Cammy.

The collection also includes button up shirts featuring Chun Li and the fighters stage.

One of the stand out pieces in this collection is the Sake Bomb set.


The HUF x Street Fighter collection is available to on

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