The Hundreds X prxkhxr

Shoot your shot!

We’re not sure if those were the exact words that did the trick for 24 year old Prakhar Chauhan, an alumni from National Institute of Design Technology.  But a late night read, “ This is Not a T- shirt” by Bobby Hundreds to be precise, definitely had a crucial role to play in what would be The Hundreds’ first ever collaboration with an Indian designer.

Here’s how the story goes.

It’s 3 am, Prxkhxr has just finished reading Bobby’s book and  is brimming with inspiration and looking for insight and direction. He takes the most natural course of action and slides into Bobby’s DMs asking him to critique his work. A conversation with Bobby follows. Fast forward to two days later, Prxkhxr gets a follow up message from The Hundreds team in L.A. after Bobby shared Prxkhxr’s designs with his team. The rest is history!

The Hundreds x Prxkhxr capsule collection features a t-shirt, button up shirt, shorts and anorak that brings Prxkhxr’s designs to life in a way that only The Hundreds can.

The graphics and prints feature a peacock that represents India and a white tiger which is a recurring theme in many of The Hundreds designs, all brought together on a blue background.

The Hundreds x prxkhxr capsule collection is available on

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