Capsul X BrainofQ

“Without culture Streetwear is just fashion.” We have quoted these famous words spoken by Bobby Hundreds time and time again. Why? Because the man don’t lie!

Streetwear is a by-product of various subcultures and the community built around them and their stories. The rebels, the skaters, the artists, the hustlers and grinders who rocked the proverbial boat- we have them to thank for the present day streetwear we know and love.

If there is a community we gotta give back.

CapsulX is a program to provide a platform for local artists where we collaborate with creators and storytellers from India to bring you limited edition collectible pieces that have a story and carry a piece of community

April saw our first drop: Capsul X Brain of Q

Brain of Q aka Shariq is the definition of an “Area Boy”. Bangalore born and bred, the graffiti artist’s tag is probably one of the most Bangalorean things you would ever hear “SEND”. SEND it? SEND one? Full SEND? The interpretation is open to the eyes of the beholder.

You can find him at the Life Behind Bars Cycle- India’s only cycle brand focused on fixed gear, track and single speed bikes, your one stop shop for cycling equipment and a great cup of coffee. If not there you can chance upon Shariq in front of a wall, spray paint cans in tow.

We collabed with Shariq to bring our spin  on a Capsul city t-shirt, paying homage to home turf Bengaluru with this limited Edition T- Shirt drop.

The CapsulX Brain of Q features a graffiti style graphic of Capsul spelt in Kannada on the back and in the front. Each tshirt came with a sticker pack of artworks created by Brain of Q.

These limited edition tees were available in store and on the website

Want to know what we’ve got in store for Capsul X Drop 2?

Watch this space!

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