If you thought print was dead, think again!
And that’s not the only thing Dirty Magazine will get you thinking about. The bi- annual magazine, (more like a must- have collectible coffee table book), is just the thing you need if you’re looking for a reflective and radical view into the world of Indian Youth Culture, Fashion and Art.


Dirty Magazine was founded by stylist and creative director Kshitij Kankaria, who has worked with the likes of Paper, Vogue, Louis Vuitton and adidas to name a few.
At a time when publications around the world were shutting shop, Kshitij launched the first edition of Dirty. The focus has always been quality over quantity. Unlike most periodical fashion magazines available in the country that cater to the masses, Dirty with its content that is niche, caters to a highly discerning audience with a high benchmark for quality content. Simply put, Dirty -“shows you exactly what it wants you to see, but stops short of telling you what to think.” It uses a mix a mix of imagery and text to do so.


Every edition of Dirty Magazine takes on a singular theme. In edition 1.5 titled “Final Freedom” Dirty shines a light on ideas of freedom from the pov of students. The reason this edition is called 1.5 is because it was almost entirely created by students. It aims to celebrate the nostalgia one feels for their student days, a time when one felt truly free. In their words “ a space where one was allowed to explore all aspects of their creativity, a time that offers you no boundaries, only the occasional questioning.”

Well if you want to know what that feels like, get your hands (on) Dirty at

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