Confidence, not Conformity feat. Chow En Lai

Collaboration is at the heart of streetwear and community- building. Collaborations create inclusive spaces, bring new points of view and help everyone in the community feel represented and respected.
Inclusivity in streetwear is crucial for fostering diversity & breaking stereotypes.
Capsul is fuelled by community, unafraid to experiment with fashion and expression.
Our latest collaboration with dancer/ choreographer Chow En Lai was all about bringing the statement “Confidence, Not Conformity” to life.

En Lai does not shy away from expressing himself whether it's on the dance floor or through what he wears.
“My relationship with what I wear is connected to how I feel about myself. Often, the clothes we wear, are actually wearing us, because someone else or society is telling us how it must be worn.
I represent people who don't like to be told what I can wear and how I can wear, what I wear.” Chow En Lai

En picked fits from homegrown streetwear brands curated by Capsul that gave him the flexibility to show his power moves while showing us how disruptively streetwear can be styled. These elements were beautifully captured through the lens of the very talented, Kirti Narain. And the video was the brain child of Creative Director Rituraj Singh of Matrd Studios.

Through this mix of images and video we aim to drive the message: when we collaborate, we elevate.
Check it out here:

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