Who let the cats out! The big cat and Streetwear’s favourtie rude cat have come out to play. In other words, PUMA and RIPNDIP have joined paws for a capsule collection and we’re here for it. The drop features tees, hoodies and sneakers including the iconic PUMA Suedes - all given the Lord Nermal twist. The tees feature trippy, psychedelic artworks with Lord Nermal rocking PUMA kicks. One of the stand out pieces is the PUMA Slipstream in black and white, smooth buttery suede kicks with a furry peeking Lord Nermla on the side. The PUMA Suedes in a Black and Sky Blue feature Lord Nermal on the sides messing around on the iconic PUMA formstrip. Not to be missed, are the iconic RIPNDIP X PUMA Lord Nermal Pocket tees in black and white. The PUMA x RIPNDIP collection is available on and at the Capsul Bangalore store. Drop in check it out and get your paws on it.

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