PLEASURES is known for creating pieces that are everything from eye catching to thought provoking to shock evoking and we just can’t get enough of it.The brand's streetwear meets neo grunge style has a unique yet timeless aesthetic. With everything PLEASURES does, one thing is very evident, the brand has a long standing love affair with music history, especially rock. Their latest collaboration explores and pays homage to the iconic alternative rock band, Sonic Youth.


Sonic Youth is probably one of the most influential acts to emerge from the American underground music scene. They gained prominence for their experimental no wave sound. Sonic Youth’s unconventional guitar tuning and feedback manipulation redefined what a rock guitar could do, revolutionising the landscape and inspiring generations to come. Their album "Daydream Nation" known for its intricate guitar work and socially conscious lyrics is often considered a landmark in the alternative music scene.


The Pleasures x Sonic Youth collaboration draws inspiration from the band’s legacy that spanned 3 decades, featuring their music and album artworks and archival band photography. The collection includes t-sirts, caps, button downs, denims, jackets and accessories.


Some of the star pieces in this collection includes the Work jacket, a denim jacket with embroidered patchwork details on the front and the entire “Daydream Nation” album song list embroidered on the back. Another very cool piece in this drop is the Techpack t- shirt, which features a graphic based on Sonic Youth’s album “Washing Machine”’s artwork cover. The back of the t- shirt features a print of the t-shirt’s techpack- a sheet that contains all of the technical information about the t-shirt to be made. This drop also features artworks from Sonic Youth’s album “Dirty” which was created by late artist, Mike Kelley.


PLEASURES reimagines this iconic work on an oversized heavyweight raglan tee. The Pleasures x Sonic Youth collection is available on and instore at the Capsul Bangalore store.

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