A Girl Is A Gun

When you hear “In New York” you are most likely to follow that up with “I milly rock” And with those five words PlayBoi Carti became an overnight sensation with his first track Magnolia. While we had “Magnolia” blasting everywhere, there was one other name that became an instant hit in the hip hop and rap scene - PLEASURES.

 In the video for Magnolia, Playboi Carti is seen wearing a white t-shirt with the words “A GIRL IS A GUN” printed in red by the LA streetwear brand. Next thing you know it has become a celebrity staple, being worn by the likes of Wiz Khalifa.


PLEASURES has been known since the beginning for their graphics that can be described as anything between shocking, thought provoking, bizarre, genius and everything else in between. But that’s what makes for an iconic piece. Something that gets you talking, lives on long after the moment has passed and leaves you wanting to get your hands on it whether it says “RIP Morrisey”, has Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, Joy Division’s album artwork or the words  A Girl Is A Gun. 

Apart from making iconic graphics, PLEASURES has always been closely associated with music and the founder, Alex James’, love for music especially rock, punk and grunge shines through everything PLEASURES does.

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