Leave it up to The Hundreds to give workwear an unconventional look. The LA-based streetwear brand joins forces with the iconic denim brand, Lee Jeans, to create a collection of workwear, power packed with that exciting The Hundreds energy. 

Lee Jeans is known for its classic denim wear, using structured silhouettes. Their typical colour palette includes complimentary shades of black, blue and beige. However, the Lee x The Hundreds pieces have a more contemporary and standout look to them. 

Bold shades of yellow, green, orange have been introduced in the collection. And there’s a shift from structured silhouettes to looser fits, making one feel more comfortable in the clothes. These elements add freshness and versatility to your everyday, mundane workwear. The quintessential Lee box logo got a makeover in a new, contrasting colorway as well, which serves as a playful element to an otherwise serious-looking garment. Another interesting detailing seen in the collection is the unique pocket placements on denim jackets- once again, tactfully infusing creative, new elements into conventional denim wear. All these elements combined together add newness to timeless pieces. 


The collection includes relaxed utility pants, jackets, tee-shirts, and more featuring Lee’s archival graphics. You can also expect to find light-coloured stone-washed denim tote bags to accessorise your look. Whether you want to mix and match silhouettes and colours or elevate your look with monochromatic options of matching jackets and pants, this collection allows for versatile styling options.

Head over to to shop these limited edition pieces from Lee x The Hundreds collection.

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