These Boots Are Made For Walking

For the past few weeks the internet was taken over by a pair of giant Red boots akin to the ones worn by Astro Boy!

But that's what MSCHF does! The Brooklyn-based creative collective is
known for crafting the perfect formula for going viral, and the Big Red Boot may be their craziest venture yet! The Big red boots hit the shelves last week and have been spotted on celebrities like Diplo, Ciara and Lil Wayne to name a few. The reaction to the cartoon like red boots have ranged from amusement, to skepticism, to adoration, to ridicule, to down right distaste.

We are intrigued, to say the least! It definitely had us wondering how would we would rock them!
Here are some of drip we would pair them with!

Look 1


Carhartt WIP Women’s Tacoma Tee
Carhartt WIP Women’s Medley Dress
Market Love Carefully Beanie

Look 2


 HUF Twenty Denim Overshirt
Carhartt WIP Brandon Denim
PLEASURES Mansion Sunglasses

Look 3


PLEASURES Soul Plaid Trench

Look 4


Carhartt WIP L/S Master Shirt
THRASHER Trasher HUrricane Tee
Carhartt WIP Women’s Pierce Pant Straight - Denim
HUF Civil Disobedience Beanie

Got your hands on these boots? Get your hands on this drip too!

Available at the Capsul store or on

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