Head In The Game

Studies have shown that hat’s are the MVP of the fashion world! 

Ok you caught us- we made that up! But there’s no denying the fact that headgears are great for a number of reasons, whether they are bucket hats, boonie hats, dad caps, trucker hats, beanies, ski masks, skull caps, snapbacks- we can keep going on and on.


Lets explore some of the reasons why you should get more hats! 

  • They are functional- keeps your head, eyes and face protected in the sun. It keeps you warm and protected in cold weather!
  • Dress up or dress down. A cool hat can take a very basic outfit up a notch while simultaneously making it look even more chill. 
  • What are bad hair days? 
  • “Studies” have also shown that there is a 100% protection against bird poop on your head when wearing a cap or a hat.


  • Celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Ashton Kutcher, Vivian Divine, Harshvardhan Kapoor, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Bobby Hundreds Rihanna and Pharrell often wear hats.
  • Just like graphic t-shirts caps are a great way to express yourself, convey a message, show support for your favourite team or band or organisation. They are basically graphic t-shirts for your head!
  • Again, What are bad hair days?


Capsul’s curation of headwear covers a vast range of colours, shapes and styles from brands like The Hundreds, HUF, Thrasher, Staple Pigeon, Pleasures, Market, Billionaire Boys Club and more. 

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