If we had to summarize Gorpcore in one line it would be: Bear Grylls exploring the concrete jungle. 

Gorpcore derived inspiration from hiking and outdoor adventure sports gear paired with everyday staples and modified to blend into an urban backdrop. Picture puffy jackets, cargo pants, jorts, hiking inspired shoes, bright colours, functional gear and utilitarian styles but in an everyday setting just navigating the hustle and bustle of city life. 



The term "gorpcore" was coined by The Cut writer Jason Chen in an article published in June 2017. Chen used the acronym GORP, which stands for "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts," referring to the trail mix commonly eaten by hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Elements of Gorpcore can be traced back to the early 2010s, although it gained momentum in the fashion world around 2017. The trend hit its peak post pandemic.The rise of gorpcore in the last 3 years can be attributed to several factors one of the main ones being an increase in interest for outdoor related activities like camping and hiking as a result of being cooped up in lockdown.  

Its impact on the fashion industry has been significant, challenging traditional notions of style and bridging the gap between the great  outdoor and everyday fashion.

Brands like Patagonia, Goretx, Arc ‘teryx and Canada Goose started to wander off the trails and made their way to the streets of downtown and eventually, fashion runways with luxury brands like Gucci collaborating with the likes of The North Face. 

Fashion brands started taking cues from extreme sports gear, incorporating functional elements and silhouettes like hunting vests, parks, windcheaters, comfy pants in water proof materials. Brands like Afield Out, Pleasures and Carhartt WIP are a no-brainer for gorpcore with a streetwear twist. 

Gorpcore seems to be the go to style for high profile celebrities, models and fashion influencers alike. Celebs like Bella Hadid, Seth Rogen and John Meyer are currently all about the gorp life. 


What makes Gorpcore so appealing is the shift in focus of comfort and functionality that comes with utilitarian wear combined with the easy and laid back aesthetic that it gives away. 

With Jorts becoming the hottest summer trend, Gorpcore  evolved to include this fashion favourite that was once the uniform of suburban dads in Y2K. Pair that with the latest collab from Salomon, another Y2K dad favourite  turned 2023 fashion week favourite, and you are all set! 

Gorpcore has evolved over time and may continue to do so. However, its

impact on the fashion industry has been significant, challenging traditional notions of style and bridging the gap between the great  outdoor and everyday fashion.

And just when we thought Gorpcore might be losing steam, New Balance dropped their latest iteration of the ‘Protection Pack’. The latest drop was given a complete utilitarian twist ready for the trails, complete with ripstop details and laces with toggle mechanic. 

If Gorpcore is your cup of hot cocoa, Capsul’s latest collection has quite a few ripe berries ready for the picking ready to be styled with the new NB Protection Pack. 


Look 1: 

. Almost Gods Portal Full Sleeved Tee

. Pleasures Disguise Vest

. Almost Gods Utility Shorts

. Pleasures x Akila Reflex Sunglasses

. Carhartt WIP Jake Backpack

. Pleasures Socks


Look 2: 

. Pleasures Faux Layered Heavyweight LS Tee

. Almost Gods Utility Vest With Hood

. Thrasher Skategoat Denim Carpenter Shorts

. Jungles Passwords Bucket Hat

. Styl-O Label Crew Socks

. Pleasures x Akila Reflex Sunglasses



Look 3: 

. Pleasures Tonic Windbreaker

. Staple Pigeon Hampton Washed Pocket  Tee

. Carhartt WIP Regular Cargo Pants

. Carhartt WIP Essential Bag

. The Hundreds Simple Adam Socks

. Pleasures x Akila Reflex Sunglasses

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