Dirty 3

Getting our hands (on) Dirty again!

Dirty recently launched the third issue of their bi- annual magazine, Issue 3: Death.


The magazine that is crafted more like a coffee table book was founded by stylist and creative director Kshitij Kankaria, who has previously worked with the likes of Paper magazine, Vogue, Louis Vuitton and adidas.

Unlike most periodical fashion magazines that cater to the masses, Dirty’s content caters to a niche audience that seeks a reflective and radical view into the world of Indian youth culture, fashion and art.


Every edition of Dirty Magazine takes on a singular theme, presented to the reader through a mix of captivating images and texts.

In its third issue, Dirty plays with the theme of death and the after life, in all its quiet,lurking, omnipresence. It seeks to explore an experience so deeply entrenched in elusiveness– the one, unshaken, permanence in the dynamism of existence, that lies beyond human understanding. A range of perspectives in photography, art and text intermingle to construct a requiem dedicated to the irrefutable poetry of impending doom.



This issue of Dirty is available in 4 different covers, featuring the works of Louie Banks, Francesco Finizio, Rid Burman and Sarah Moon. Dirty Magazine Issue 3 :

Death is available at the Capsul stores in Mumbai and Bangalore and on www.shopcapsul.com

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