The Thrasher Logo!

Did you know the Thrasher logo uses the Banco font?
Popularly known as the “ skate world’s bible” Thrasher has been using the banco font logo since the very beginning, back in 1981. This font had come to be associated with Caribbean lifestyle and reggae after it appeared on the cover of one of Bob Marley’s albums. These concepts were close to Thrasher’s co-founders, Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello, and to the spirit of the publication.
The iconic Thrasher Flame logo features the same original logo surrounded by yellow and orange flames.

In the 40 plus years of the publication’s existence, Thrasher has collaborated with a number of artists and brands, giving us multiple takes on the iconic logo. Some of the famous Thrasher logo artworks include those by Mark Gonzales a.k.a The Gonz, Neckface, Piet Parra, Baker, Godzilla, Huf WorldWide and many more.

Thrasher also regularly drops City logo tees, which feature the classic Thrasher logo with various elements that are representative of cities around the world .
But the bottom line is, no matter the look of the logo, Thrasher continues to  encapsulate the spirit of the skate world.
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