Stussy - Birth of Streetwear

Stussy is the name that is believed to have birthed streetwear. It all started when a young Shawn Stussy, who was nothing short of an artist when it came to shaping surfboards, started putting his name on t-shirts. Stussy’s unique board shapes combined with his new wave punk rock and reggae inspired art and bright colours made his boards highly coveted. And his distinctive signature, which went on to become Stussy’s brand logo, made the boards iconic.

The brand officially started in 1984 and by the end of the decade Stussy had stockists across US, Australia, Europe and Japan and a flagship store in New York.

Speaking of logos, one of the most memorable moments in Stussy’s history that led to it exploding in the fashion world, was their repurposing of the Chanel logo, replacing C with the double S. And since then Stussy has gone on to grow and seep into most parts of the fashion world with collaboration capsules with Comme Des Garcon, Bape, Dover Street, Carhartt WIP and Patta as well as sneaker collaborations with Nike, Doctor Martens and Timberland.
In 2019, Shawn Stussy came out of retirement for a gigantic collaboration with none other than Dior, helmed by Kim Jones, who back in his youth used to distribute Stussy in the British Isles through his then employer Gimme5. Stussy inspired future designers like Hiroshi Fujiwara, of Fragment Designs and GOODENOUGH, to start their brands. And in a way we have Stussy to thank for, for Supreme. James Jebbia was looking to be a stockist for Stussy and ended up opening the New York Stussy chapter along with Shawn.

Whether you’re a surfer, skater, hypebeast, sneakerhead or into old school OG streetwear, Stussy is a name you possibly revere.

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