There are a myriad styles, trends and brands that are worn by the youth. Yet only some brands are streetwear. So what sets streetwear apart?

The stories these brands tell, their roots and the lifestyle they represent, to begin with; limited quantities so not every tenth person’s wearing the same thing and community. 

A lot of streetwear culture was born out of functionality, ground up from small communities. A major influence on streetwear’s aesthetic comes from skate culture and skate fashion going back to the 80s and 90s. Skaters in the west coast had their own distinctive style and their assertion of being misfits. Ripped jeans, shoelace for belts, graphic printed t shirts were their pledge of allegiance to the culture. Brands like Supreme, Vans, HUF and Thrasher catered to this community, providing them tees, pants, skate decks, accessories, heavy rubber sole sneakers and media. But what made brands like Thrasher, HUF, Palace and RIPNDIP revered by the skate community was not just the functional purpose they served, but the fact that they were founded and worn by skaters. 

Streetwear has since gone on to include hip hop, sneaker culture, street art, military aesthetic, Euro-street, Japanese fashion and continues to expand its influence and inspiration.  

By 2017, Streetwear had made its way across the globe, through flagship stores, streetwear multibrand stores, reseller apps and websites funded in the millions, even instagram channels! 

 When one looks up streetwear available in India today, their choices are far from limited.. For those seeking to get their hands on OG streetwear like Stussy, Carhartt WIP, The Hundreds, HUF, Staple Pigeon and more,, India’s first multi-brand streetwear store is where it’s all at. 

Almost every country, India included, has more than a few homegrown labels influenced by streetwear like Space Biskit, Jaywalking, Nor Black Nor White, Huemn, Nought One to name some.

Streetwear is poised to explode in India. With the rise of hip hop, rappers becoming designers & global style icons, Instagram welcoming men into fashion and sneaker, streetwear & luxury brands collaborating on drop after drop, it was but inevitable.

Add to that mix, an almost universal sense of style among Gen Z and millennials and the acceptance of comfortable clothing, think tees, hoodies, cargos and sneakers, as work wear and you have a catalyzed streetwear movement right here on our shores!

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