Diwali Gifting Guide under Rs. 10,000

We’ve curated and put together a diwali gift list so you didn’t have to! 

Check out our top picks for unique gifting ideas under Rs. 10,000  to make the festive season even more special:

STAPLE Mesh Basketball Jersey + Shorts:


Sports inspired gear is all the rage this season. The Staple Mesh Basketball kit is the perfect ick for the festive season featuring bright colours and geometric prints. The number 97 on the back represents the founding year of Staple pigeon and marks their 25th anniversary.

RIPNREPAIR Flavor Country Ashtray:


More than just an ashtray! The RIPNREPAIR Flavour Country ashtray comes in a  beautiful creamy white ceramic with gold accents and an eye catching print making it a great addition to your living room. 

RIPNDIP Lord Nermal Pet Bowl:


Another great addition for the home and for the doggos. The Lord Nermal Pet Bowl serves up food, water and freshness!

ALMOST GODS Providence Shirt:


The Almost Gods Providence Shirt comes in a bright red, with an all over print and is made from 100% organic and recyclable cotton. It makes for a great gift and taking the right steps in the direction of responsible, ethical fashion

HUF Radiate Skate Deck:


A collectible piece celebrating the 60 year  anniversary of The Incredible  Hulk. The artwork on this Skate Deck is straight from the original comic books. The Skate Deck can be used to create unique wall art, a sidetable or…. a skateboard. 

MARKET Smiley Plush Basketball:


The Market Smiley Plush BBall is just so darn cute! Take it when you travel, for Pillow Fights or if you’re just looking to cuddle. 

HUF Scarf Resort Shirt:


The HUF Scarf shirt print is inspired by vintage luxury scarves and made with silky rayon fabric, giving it a rich dressy feel, making it a great pick for festive flex. 

PLEASURES Cut Here Raglan Sweatshirt:


Pink is the colour of the month. The Pleasures Cut Here Sweatshirt comes in the funnest pink out there. With the cold months just around the corner, a statement sweatshirt would make a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

RESHOEVN8r Sneaker Care Hamper: 


Create a sneaker care hamper for your favourite sneaker head featuring products to help with sneaker cleaning and storage. The Reshoevn8r Sneaker deodorizer, Shoe Trees, Dry Suede Kit, Laundry Pod and Sneaker Wipes cover care for  a wide range of sneaker materials and concerns. 

All items on the Diwali Gifting Guide is available in store and on www.shopcapsul.com

Wishing you all love and light!

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