CAPSUL @Hatworks Boulevard

The Hatworks Boulevard on Cunningham Road in Bangalore is where we discover a progressive world of art, fashion and food, hidden right in the heart of the city! 

The Imperial Hatworks, as the Boulevard was known a couple of centuries ago, specialized in making hats for the armed forces, polo players, and horse riders. And for the Maharaja of Mysore even! The Hatworks Boulevard, the brainchild of the Minocher family is the perfect amalgamation of vintage charm with stone pathways, luscious greenery, high roofs of Burma teak, French windows, giving you a feeling of being in a luxurious resort in a rainforest. In it’s present day avatar this 200 year old bungalow has been repurposed to serve as a a luxury and experiential destination like none other, where you can immerse yourself in a day full of fashion, art, culture, food and wine.

As you take a walk in through the pathways, you will find yourself at your first stop “The Pony Craft Store '',the iconic, OG store for all your DIY art activities. You can also indulge your taste buds in vegan Ice Cream at the Pony store. Originally from Ooty, the Pony Store has it’s flagship store inside The Hatworks Boulevard. As you make way through the corridor you will come across BAS Bespoke Tailoring. Two generations old, BAS Bespoke is always bustling with life. The owner Bassam, even gives his customers a guided tour of the Hatworks Boulevard. Next up is Crimson Art Resource to your left, an art gallery that old Bangaloreans have come to identity The Hatworks Boulevard by. You can spend an afternoon admiring the works of greats like Atul Dodiya ,BV Doshi and M.F Hussain.

Cruise along to the Kiyah and Antegra store – a contemporary jewellery and sari store with hand dyed and beautifully crafted pieces that are must haves and pop into the Zaffran store  which has quite a loyal fanbase. Zaffran curates a beautiful collection of handicrafts from Kashmir. 

Curated within the heritage aesthetic of the space, you will come across the CAPSUL store. The vibe inside the store gives the feeling that one has stepped into a new age art gallery, where streetwear and heritage are juxtaposed to create a spectacular store that showcases street culture. CAPSUL showcases the latest range of streetwear, collectibles, accessories and sneaker care from over 20 brands. Available exclusively in store are special, limited edition BE@RBRICK Designer Toy Terrariums, a treat for Bangalore’s nature and art lovers. Products are refreshed every week in keeping with the brands weekly “drops” calendar.

Continue along the pathway to the rear of the property and have your mind blown by the Hibiscus Nursery which is more like a cornucopia of plants, planters and garden decor that brings people from all over the city to take in it’s beauty. The ceramic pots are sourced from Vietnam and are spread in the Hibiscus open air store in all their colorful glory. 

After a long day of art, fashion and culture you can get a 30-45 minute foot reflexology session at the decades old Footyworks Spa inside the Hatworks Boulevard premises. Top up your evening at the Trippy Goat Cafe with a glass of wine and wood fired pizza. Or depending on the time of day or your preference, opt for their Coffees that come from the coffee plantations of Coorg. Trippy Goat has a well rounded menu that makes it a great spot to get a bite. It is an even more perfect spot for a sundowner glass of vino, conversation and catch up. 

The Hatworks Boulevard has something for everyone and is a must visit destination in Bangalore that is 100% certified to appeal to all your senses. 

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