It all started with his love for the game. Born and raised in Los Angeles, co-founder and creative director Luke Tadashi grew up playing competitive basketball. However, he found his sanctuary in fashion. Luke continued to express his love for the game by incorporating it into his own journey which resulted in the creation of Bristol Studio.
The basketball-lifestyle inspired brand is imbued with Japanese design which Luke derived from his Japanese roots. Beyond the game, Luke was intrigued by the lifestyle and culture that circled Basketball. Paying heed to how his favourite NBA stars like Kobe Bryant dressed and carried themselves on and off the court, the idea and inspiration for Bristol Studio was born.
Luke’s approach to designing garments has always been about storytelling - based on influences from his life, Japanese heritage, nostalgia and basketball. His signature ‘Reversible Hoodie’ was inspired by memories from when he was a kid playing basketball with friends in the park, where they would always wear their clothes inside- out, especially after practice. 
Bristol Studio’s signature ‘Triple Hem Shorts’ is a direct take on basketball culture where you see a lot of layering in the attire of players and fans alike. For example, people wear multiple socks layered on top of each other, basketball shorts under denim, oversized t- shirts under hoodies and so on. The shorts feature his signature triple hem detail on the leg opening with the Bristol Studio branding on each hem.
Speaking of branding, Luke cleverly managed to tie Japanese culture closely in the logo. You will often see BRISTOL STUDIO printed vertically on the garments with the ‘I” laying flat. This is inspired by how Japanese writing is read and written vertically, top-down (right to left). 
Bristol Studio has become a staple with the likes of NBA Superstar, LeBron James, who has rocked Bristol Studio merch multiple times!
Bristol Studio is a brand for everybody, not just the ballers. To quote the co-founder,“... our clothes will always resonate deeply with a basketball fan or someone who loves playing the game, but by no means do you have to play basketball to wear our clothes... I want you to wear our clothes because you appreciate the originality and unique design language we’ve created.”
Whether you’re somebody who loves the game of basketball, a competitive player, streetwear
enthusiast or just somebody who appreciates good clean design, Bristol Studio is definitely worth checking out. 
Bristol Studio is now live on

Article contributed By: Zorin Tluanga Bawitlung

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