BE@RBRICKS on Capsul

The latest drops of BE@RBRICKs on Capsul is not one to be missed.
BE@RBRICKs were launched by Japanese toy company MedicomToys, in celebration of 100 years of the Teddy Bear. Since then BE@RBRICKS have gathered a significant following among art collectors, hypebeasts, and the streetwear community. These bear like figurines serve as a blank canvas making rare and coveted art pieces accessible to a larger number of modern art collectors and fashion enthusiasts. They have collaborated with he likes of Chanel, Bape, Supreme, Nike SB Dunks and more. Some of the new BE@RBRICKS available at Capsul include an Andy Warhol x Basquiat , ANEVER and the Minion Dave!

The BE@RBRICK Andy Warhol x Basquiat features Basquiat’s iconic neo-expressionism and Andy Warhol’s modern art styles, finished off with Warhol’s signature and Basquiat’s name with his signature crown on the back.

The BE@RBRICK ANEVER captures’s ANEVER’s concept of “flowers trapped in a moment” on an iridescent transparent BE@RBRICK making for a dreamy collectible.

If you're a fan of Despicable Me and the highlight of the film was DAVE then this BE@RBRICK is a must have. Featuring the loveable Minion on a BE@RBRICK complete with a chrome finish in a set of 100% and 400% size.

You can find these limited edition hype art collectibles on

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